My friend Frank is performing a stand up show tonight at The Wicked Monk in Brooklyn and I'm inviting anyone who reads this down for some good times! Frank is very funny so it'll be awesome, trust me, but if you need more prodding here's Frank's Top 10 reasons to come:

Top 10 reasons you need to come see my show.

10. I guarantee to make the other comics look better.

9. It'll give you a good reason to take off of work Friday.

8. Look at how much you're gonna be getting for 5 dollars. You cant even buy a pack of cigarettes in Brooklyn for that much.

7. If you DON'T come, you're gone from myspace!!!

6. I bought a nice new outfit for all of you to see.

5. My FATHER is gonna be there, and if a 63 year old man can make the effort to be there, so can you.

4. Your presence there just may save 3.2 children in Africa.

3. If you don't, all my hard work at promoting the gig will be wasted.

2. Theres always a chance my pants will fall down on stage.

And the number one reason you need to come see my show.....

1. The lower your expectations going in.....the less I will disappoint.

Come see me at the Wicked Monk in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, TOMORROW NIGHT at 9:30pm.8415 5th Avenue.

Try and get there at about 8:45 so we can all have a drink together before the festivities. Hope to see you there.


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