-Brooklyn Original seems to be rocking and rolling and the natives are throwing their support into it, it's very cool to witness. I feel so good about this project it's unbelievable. If you haven't checked out the blog please do:

-KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND #0 is out today, so go get one to see my lettering! Er, and read and enjoy it while you're at it too! No, really though, if you liked the original King Kong and want to read a good prequel/sequel then go grab one!

-Finishing my writing portion of The Uncredited History of Farragut and Foster: Adventurers for Hire #2 today. We have the art for the 1st issue from Karl Slominski and it looks really fun!

-I had my first bad DVD experience with Netflix. My latest rental, Atragon dir. by Ishiro Honda, seems to be damaged. I give them credit though, 1 bad one in my 2+ yrs of rental is a pretty good track record. Atraagon appears so far to be one of his best too!

-I unfortunately saw one of his worst recently though. Space Amoeba, aka Yog Monster From Space, was terrible! Bad plot, bad acting, bad monsters, oy vey! Oh well can't win them all.

-Hmm, curiously the 1819 Productions part of my banner has disappeared. Is that idea over? Stay tuned for more info!

That's the news and I am outta here!