My good pal and multi-time collaborator Marco Dileonardo is having an art show/bday party in one week. Any good art lovin' folks should come down with cash to spend! Here's the note from Marco:

"I'm turning 30! Join me for the celebration. Instead of pulling a disappearing act this year, I've decided to show off my artwork and have a good time doing it. This will be a dual themed event: Art Show/Birthday Party. As you all know I live at Glascott Funeral Home. The Art Show will be inside Chapel B...not too morbid. It will feature all framed original artwork. That's right, all pieces are originals. Every piece will be labeled and a price list will be floating around. The prices are there if anyone has a burning desire to own an original piece of my art. No one will be encouraged to buy anything. The Birthday part of this party will be upstairs in my apartment. There will be finger food, beer, and wine. Anything else will be B.Y.O.Booze/Food. Please do not bring gifts. Feel free to invite any art lovers and/or any decent human beings. Remember this party will be in my apartment and I don't want strangers touching my shit or jumping on my couch. Come as you are."

Glascott Funeral Home
102-03 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY
Friday, October 19, 9:00pm