Here's what I currently have the Comic/My Spaces as a bio of sorts, it's also a further investigation in waht I'm up to:

Hey, I'm Sal. Born and bred in Brooklyn, raised on comics, now I work on them in one way or another while balancing life in NYC.

Here's a little breakdown of what I've done:

Phase 1 of my "comics career" included making zines, minicomics, webcomics, and anthologies. Most notably among them were Broken Donuts, Altered Realities, and The Guy. I also wrote a column and did some interviews for Comic Book Galaxy.

Phase 2 is where I wrote a bunch of OGNs and put together a wealth of material that will finally be released soon. From this batch of books, only one book was released in 2004 called The Twins Chronicles: One Long Ass Day; that one was a hoot! Last Day, Turnbuckle, and A Fistful of Chainsaws make up the remainder.

Phase 3 began my pitching stage. I created and wrote The Adventures of Bio Boy at Speakeasy Comics in 2005; two issues were released, 5 were produced. The Hill was originally signed to Speakeasy too, and is finally coming out through Markosia this month. This past summer saw the release of the first 2 issues of Vengeance of the Vapor, with the rest to be in the collected edition from Markosia.

I believe the last part of this phase revolves around lettering as it's begun to dominate my workload. Besides lettering all of my own books, I'm lettering Kong: King of Skull Island for Markosia; which if you know me is right up my alley! I'm also lettering an indie book called The Curse of the Wendigo.

Other projects in some stage of development include The Grinder, The Uncredited History of Farragut and Foster: Adventurers for Hire, and Tiki Road, which is signed up but on hold until the artist's workload becomes lighter.

There's a couple of brand spankin' new ones that I'm super excited about too, but let me write them first, k?

And, y'know, all these "phases" really kind of overlap to the point where it's just become the universe around me. Does that make any sense?