Heya folks,

Some thanks are needed in regards to the Pearl 23 show...

First off I want to thank all of you (and boy were there a lot of ya!) that came down to the Pearl 23 gallery show Saturday night to support this endeavor. It was quite the successful event with 7 pieces sold and tons of alcohol consumed! :)

I wanted to thank all of the exhibitors as well because there wouldn't have been a show without your love for your particular art form. From setup to tear down and the grand event in between your passion was right there for all to see.

Big thanks have to also go to Createsounds, aka our own Kurtis Kouns, for jamming out for most of the evening and giving us an artful sounding background to all of our various conversations.

And finally thanks to Aaron Cobbett and his Headquarters Studio for allowing us to have this event at his awesome space. He was a gracious host throughout the day and night and really helped us get through anything that came up.

This was surely a great way to end an era at Pearl Artist Supplies on 23rd street, and while after May 26th it will cease to exist, know that this store provided the canvas for many great friendships and now the beginning of what was just the first of many great events.

So thank you most of all, Pearl. It's been real.

Sal Cipriano