It's actually been more than that since we last News and Noted! Lots to update then!

-First off the Pearl 23 show is this weekend, and wow is this thing kicked up into over drive this week! All kinds of great art is showing up both at the 1819Pro studio and at the home base of Pearl Artist Supplies on 23rd street in NYC. All the info will be updated in my next post.

-Next, my comics, the Vapor's first issue is coming out soon so excitement is in the air. Although it's up to the fans and stores to order up more to get the subsequent issues out there. The Hill will be going into production soon as I've gotten word of that. Should ship in September. There were some bumps in the road with a couple of other projects but everything seems to be back on track.

-Movies I've seen include Grindhouse, Hot Fuzz, and The Science of Sleep. The first two I enjoyed, and the third was OK. Hot Fuzz in particular was fantastic! Still haven't seen Spidey 3 yet, but that's mostly due to the prep of the show and hurting my back.

-Oh, I hurt my back. Playing freakin' frisbee. I was in bed for a week, and that was during my vacation! Sonava!

-Before that though I got to go to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was Sunday and everything in town was closed so that kinda sucked, but the Hall itself was nice. A lot to take in a small amount of time. Once we got to the actual Hall part I felt really good about finally making the trek.

I'm gonna stop now because I have to get back to prepping the show, more news soon!