OK so yeah I'm a big wrestling geek and I love me Wrestlemania! This year's event has big media attention with the Battle of the Billionaires hair vs. hair, McMahon VS. Trump, but the matches I'm looking forward to are the 8 man Money in Bank ladder match and John Cena VS. Shawn Michaels, which should steal the show. Anyways, every year we have a Mania pool and this year is no different. Here's my picks:

World Heavyweight Title: Batista VS. The Undertaker. Taker wins as he has a streak going and I don't believe Batista, champ and all, is the man to beat it.

WWE Title: John Cena VS. Shawn Michaels. I say Cena retains here, as he's the main man right now. Beating Michaels should solidify that.

Battle of the Billionaires: Trump's Lashley VS. McMahon's Umaga. No way in hell that Trump's man is losing this. Lashley wins, McMahon loses his hair.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: This one is tough as 4 of the 8 guys have a good chance here. I'm going with Randy Orton on this one.

US Title: Chris Benoit VS. MVP: I say Benoit drops the strap to the upcoming MVP.

Women's Title: Melina VS. Ashley: Melina retains against the Playboy Diva with interference.

Kane VS. The Great Khali: Another tough one, and a good candidate to go to a double disqualification. That's my pick, double DQ.

ECW Originals VS. The New Breed: If they really want the new guys to go over this is a no brainer, The New Breed takes it.

Anyhoo, I will update this post later on to see how I did. Enjoy the show!

UPDATED 4/2/07

So the dust has settled, and the party is long over, and once again I have made a few more bad picks. I always think I know exactly what I'm talking about with my picks, I guess most people do. So I went 5 and 3, not bad, but not enough to win. Anyways the show was very good, very enjoyable. Cena and Michaels was th best hands down telling an oddly paced, but very interesting story in their title match. Cena retained. Taker won as well in a suprisingly good match, kudos to Batista for raising his game here. The Money in the Bank was great as well with some cool and scary spots, Kennedy won this one. The Battle of the Billionaires was very entertaining with Vince getting his head shaved and then Trump receiving a Stone Cold Stunner as well. The rest of the card was ok with the US title match being the only one of note. Anyways if you didn't catch you should try, it was pretty fun.