-Business has picked up on the Farragut and Foster and Grinder fronts, and all out scripting has been the theme of the week to me. It's fun to trade these two back and forth with each other and with Chuck to see what we come up with it. Hopefully some interesting news soon.

-The book in Previews right now that I think you should order is Repo by pals Rick Spears and RobG. The pages are awesome and the story is described as Akira meets Lethal Weapon, why anyone would need more than that is beyond me, but here's more on the book:

-Baseball season starts tonight! Woot! The Yankees play their first game tomorrow afternoon against the Devil Rays and you can bet that I will be listening! Should be an interesting season for both NY teams as questions abound about both pitching staffs. I like the Yanks bullpen this year alot and even the starting rotation, despite questions, has more depth than ever before. So far I have tix for one game in May against a little team know as the Boston Red Sox.

-Wrestlemania is tonight and I will be throwing the annual party. I love this event, the Superbowl of Pro Wrestling, and this year's event features 5 good matches and 3 bathroom breaks. More on this in its own thread.

-Looking forward to Grindhouse, and it seems like lots of NY mags are really playing up the release. Time Out NY has a nice feature on the old NY Grindhouses that I would recommend checking out.

-My pal Wesley Gunn has released a sketchbook called Gunn Smoke! It has a nice big feature with the Bio Boy story he did that goes from pencils to inks to colors. I suggest you head over to his store and pick it up! I will give those pages a special feature to help in its promotion later this week. For now here is the store link:


That's the news and I am outta here!