This past weekend I saw a hell of a lot of movies, at least a lot for me. Here are some thoughts on them.

First off Friday night I saw the Korean monster movie, The Host. This movie is getting a ton of great press, and its pretty well deserved. It's about this creature spawned from US Military neglect in South Korea, and the rampage and devastation it brings to the coastline. The emotion and dread in this film are pretty intense and I left the theatre more messed up than I have been in a long time. There are so many issues addressed in this movie that I find personally unsettling, and I applaud the director for really digging deep and hitting the right nerve. There is a ton of family drama here and some critics are calling it Godzilla vs. Little Miss Sunshine, which isn't too far off the mark.

Then Saturday I saw whats become an instant classic to me, 300. I absolutely have adored the real story since I was a kid, and Frank Miller's Graphic Novel about it was my favorite of his works. I can happily say Zach Synder did a perfect job of not only bringing it to the screen, but adding in his own ideas, and just making the type of kick ass movie I love. The look of it grabs you right away, and its classic against all odds story just holds you throughout. See I'm a huge fan of being against all odds so I felt like I was right there. I also it on an Imax theatre so that was just insane! I pretty much loved everything about it and to the critics and cynics who didn't, ah come on, loosen up it's cool to have fun!

The next two were on DVD, first The Departed. I loved this movie, although I'm not 100% sure about it being an Oscar winning one. Every character is pretty darn fun from Nicholson to Baldwin and everyone in between. Secondly I saw Stranger than Fiction, and I was disappointed in it. Really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get into the story that much; Wil Ferrel was pretty darn good though.

Lastly I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle again, which is bad but funny. Wacky thing about watching it last night was that in my head I thought Kumar went to the hospital after ingesting all the castles, but then I realized that was the ending of a Broken Donuts strip I did with my pal Abhay a few years ago! I was sooo confused!