-Almost finished writing Vengeance of the Vapor #3, and so far I'm having a really great time with it. It's at a crucial point now and I need to gather all of my wits and harness all of the strength I've got to make this it perfect. Wish me luck!

-Watched The Ringer last night and while this was a run of the mill comedy, I have to say I was genuinely touched by some of it and ended up liking the flick. It's nothing great, but I was entertained. I guess I don't mind Johnny Knoxville?

-Comic Book of the week: Brandon Graham's King City from Tokyo Pop. This book was sooo awesome with an energy all of its own. I've known Brandon for awhile and it's great to see this book come out and done with a love and passion that bleeds on every page.

-Me and Ant hit one of the coolest bars in NYC last nite, The Crocodile Lounge on East 14th Street. They have free pizza and great bartenders, what else do you want?!

-Speaking of food and following up on the Harold and Kumar viewing of last weekend, this week me and my fellow coworkers purchased a crave case at the White Castle! It was of the special Jalapeno Bacon variety. And I am happy to say it did not make me queasy!

-We're in the opening stages of putting together a gallery show for current and past Pearl Art Supplies (where I work the day job)employees. I'm very excited about this prospect although I would have to seriously tune up the art skills! More as it materializes.

-I just finished doing an interview with Broken Frontier for Vengeance of the Vapor. I thought it was pretty interesting and I enjoyed their questions. I'll let you know when it's up.

-Today is Bubba's birthday, happy birthday, bro! Who's Bubba?!

That's the news and I am outta here!