-I finished lettering those Farragut and Foster pages over the weekend, and I can really say I'm happy with them. I learned two new tricks to help them really blend into the work so it was a progressive experience. Next on the lettering front, Vengeance of the Vapor.

-Saw Zodiac Friday night, and I loved it, more so the more I thought about it. Great character piece all around with Mark Ruffalo really coming into his own here. It's different from the other Fincher's and while some purists may not like the direction I think it was a definite growth from all of his previous movies.

-Saw Immortal over the weekend as well, this one I liked less. It's by French graphic novelist Eniki Bilal and while there are some great ideas in the movie, I got taken out of it by the mix of CGI and human actors. It's damn pretty though!

-Two good comics that I dug from the NYCC were Gearhead from Arcana and Subculture from Ape. Both were fun reads. Gearhead is like a post apocalyptic super hero origin story, and it's pretty awesome work from Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon. Subculture is a fun book about life, love, comics and other geeky things! That one is by Kevin Freeman and old pal Stan Yan. You should go to your comic shops and find both of them!

-For those of you that don't like wrestling skip this next geek out moment! Stone Cold Steve Austin returned to RAW last night and I totally popped for the moment! The man definitely has a presence that no one on the current roster comes close to. He will be a special referee at Wrestlemania and this appearance was to announce that. Mania is really shaping up too, but more on that next time.

-I want to thanks all the websites that put up the Vengeance of the Vapor press release, it's always cool to see these things on the net. Please feel free to stop by the Vapor forum as well and yap it up about the book, westerns and whatever else! here's the link again: VAPOR FORUM!

That's the news and I am outta here!