I just realized I had Ben on my links and didn't give him a spotlight yet. So like after a whole month without one, wow that went fast btw, here's my first (possibly only) artist spotlight for March! Ben is a NYU graduate who wants to make the comic books. He has a good energy about him, and it bleeds all over his pages. His first big work was called Money Amazing and it's about a hip hop vampire, but it's more than just that, it's about living no matter what the obstacle. It's what Ben lives his life on as well and I think this guy has what it takes to be really good. His next projects include The Ben Granoff Cartoon Concert, Being Granoff, and we're slowly working on a project together called Fired From Life, which we feel could be something really important someday; or maybe just something fun at least! Anyways here's a page from his Being Granoff stuff, for more on him visit

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