Hey Guys! It looks like there's a very cool experience coming to me next Wednesday at the comic shop. It seems that Vengeance of the Vapor #1 has received a spotlight in the Diamond Previews catalog, or at least that's what I'm gathering from the online order form. It'll be the first time for me to get one of these out of seven official Previews appearances. (I say official because I'm not counting the few anthologies that I've been in that were in the catalog, but was listed under Various) I will be officially (word of the day!) excited when I see it on Wednesday and if it is indeed so expect a proud scan of said spotlight!

Also next week expect to see a Vengeance press release hanging around the net, and on here of course. I dig writing these usually and so far this one's coming out pretty cool I think. Well I guess you can be the judge of that!