Well it's official, Vengeance of the Vapor has been spotlighted in Diamond Previews! This is very cool and I thank Markosia and Diamond for giving the book this kind of support. Now it's up to you guys to order the book and make sure it's successful! So here's the solicitation text and info, and a scan from the book!

Spaghetti western grit meets pulp hero action! The Heavy Gang has overrun the town of Tin Cup, but opposing the maniacal bandits at every turn is the mysterious avenger, The Vapor! While they are about to face off in a winner take all battle, spirit photographer Brooks Rogers is making a beeline for the town. However he has to first survive the wrath of the "good" Reverend Pollux and his lynch mob!

So get to your local comic speciality shop and give them one of these numbers and tell you want VENGEANCE OF THE VAPOR #1 this May!

ORDER NUMBERS: MAR073584 for the color cover or MAR073585 for the sketch cover.