Back in early 2005, artist Bryan Brown and I began working on a story idea of mine called Reverb. Bryan drew an intial 7 pages and a cover, but at the time was working on a major children's book project and I was in full Bio Boy swing, and the project got put aside. When we finally revisited the project late last year we had varying ideas of what the book should be like at this point. Three ideas were bandied about, with one that Bryan is working on, with my blessing, and is developing it for Wonkavision Magazine. The other two are more less the same story with two very different slants. I really dig this story about band turmoil, a battle of the bands with a contract prize and a bizarre love triangle mystery, and I plan to give it the proper treatment sometime in the future. For now I thought I would do the original work some justice and post Bryan's 7 pages. So here you go, Reverb v.01! And as a refresher check out the cover here.

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