One of the jobs I really enjoy in comics is lettering. While I haven't done it enough to consider myself a pro like Richard Starkings just yet, I am pretty satisfied with the progress I've made with it, and I definitely feel competent to do a decent job for my projects. See I always thought the best lettering was the simple unnoticeable kind, and that's what I try to do. Nothing fancy, just readable well placed letters. I think coming from an artistic background has helped me in this process, and it helps that I've drawn pages myself I think.

Lettering is also something I firmly believe every writer should learn. These are the words that people read, your words, and you should be in charge of them in every respect. I love getting back art from my scripts and having the opportunity to go in and letter them and do any necessary tweaking to fit the art or any improvisational changes that may naturally occur. It can easily be your final draft, and for me it is.

The more I do it the more confident I feel about taking on some freelance work, and actually at this weekend's con I think I may have just landed something pretty cool! But before that, my current project is getting the pitch for The Uncredited History of Farragut and Foster: Adventurers for Hire lettered and ready to go before the weekend. Here's the first page of that, enjoy!

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