So the second NY Comic Con is in the books, and I must say it was another smashing success. The area was bigger and better, and it was just easier to move around. Artist Alley was separated and while it seemed odd at first, in the end I think it worked out rather well, and gave you a nice break from the giant con floor madness and brought you closer with your favorite comic creator.

Personally, I had a great time, but, man, was I tired today! The funny/sad thing about that is that I didn't even go today, which I regret, and made me realize there are certain concessions I just can't make while in pursuit of this dream.

I hung around the Markosia booth for a large chunk of the time promoting Vengeance of the Vapor and generally helping out the guys run the table. There are some really great things coming from the company this year, and I think people should really keep an eye out for them as Harry is running a really steady ship. It made me happy that Vengeance got a very warm and toasty reception from all who took a look at the preview pages. I'm very excited to get this in stores and into readers hands so people can see Jok's incredible art.

It was also good to see Ken work his booth and get a wonderful reaction to his Manga for Dummies. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves for all his hard work, and I doubly hope Tiki Road further raises his profile.

Besides Ken, it was great to see all my other comic pals doing their thing. I met some very cool new creators as well and I hope to establish an even stronger network of contacts in the months to come. I seriously love the talking shop aspect of the con, and I seem to always come away learning something new; this time was no different. It's a humbling experience as well, and I also come away feeling behind somehow. That said, some really great, progressive developments occurred, and while I never count my chickens before they hatch, it was good to come away with hope.

The after con parties were lots of fun, and I enjoyed going to CB Cebulski's Chesterfest and Arcana/Silent Devil/Zenescope's classy party at Stitch. Thank you to Derek Ruiz for being a true friend and looking out for me and Marilyn. Thank you to David Mack for the dance, ha! And of course thank you to CB and the guys at Arcana/Silent Devil/Zenescope for throwing great parties!

To end, I'd like to talk about Don McGregor. Don is an accomplished comic book writer who taught me a lot of what I know about the intricacies of the craft at SVA. Well last night I saw him at the Stitch party for the first time since then. It was nice to find out that he not only remembered me, but had so many wonderful things to say about me. I was really touched, and in turn I got to truly thank him for what he gave me, the ability to be able to learn just how to put what was in my heart onto the page. That was through the fire and the passion he has for this business, the passion that he still has, and thankfully will not die no matter what happens. This is something I talk about on a daily basis and it was very nice to be able to thank him for that.

And finally thank you, Comics. You make weekends like this one all possible. I love you.