-Two nights ago I finally finished the scripting of the tail end of Tiki Road. It came out to 132 pages in total, and I think Ken is gonna kill me! But maybe not since we decided to make it a manga sized OGN and have about 140 pages to fill. Don't kill me, Ken! This is gonna be such a cool book as Ken's art has kicked ass so far and now that he's done with the Manga for Dummies book he's got even more time to make it sweet! More art and info on this project very very soon.

-I've gotten a tentative schedule for the release of The Hill, but I can't say when just yet as it's not finalized. I completely believe in Harry Markos and Markosia and I'm happy to have two of my projects there.

-Some comics I've really dug in the last week include Gyakushu!, The Mighty Skull Boy Army, and Gear. Gyakashu by Dan Hipp was a fantastic revenge story from Tokyo Pop. Doug TenNapel's Gear was absolutely one the best books I've ever read. This one had me right away. And the Skull Boy book which I read today was just a solid fun read. I wholly recommend all three of these books!

-Today I had a pretty damn good writing session on Vengeance of the Vapor. It just flowed really well for me, every beat clicking at just the right time. Makes you feel really good when you get that kind of synergy going.

-Me and Marilyn watched Idiocracy the other night and both of us really enjoyed it. It's quite a biting social commentary that kind of scared us. I can totally see society heading in a similar direction, if not to this extreme. I mean, it can't ever get that bad? Can it? This movie was also shelved by the studio, which seemed kind of fishy. After you watch it you might see why. See the movie, let me know what you think.

That's the news and I am outta here!