Here's the lowdown on one of my mini series currently in production, The Grinder, plus a two page preview.

CREDITS: Written by Sal Cipriano and Chuck Satterlee, Illustrated and lettered by Max Riffner. (for more on Max, scroll down a couple of posts!)

STORY: Billy Cook has a problem, a problem that caused his brother and his wife to be killed. Grabbing his niece he fled to Atlantic City where he is trying to make a better life for them. Unfortunately he only knows how to do one thing well and it's the one thing that caused him problems in the first place: Poker. Now, the vicious cycle has caught up to him as the Russian Mob has recruited Billy for an underground mob challenge match. If he loses, there will be more pain, but if he wins? Even Billy doesn't know, but this time he refuses to lose.

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