When I first met Chris at the SPACE con many years back I was pushing him to come to the first Mocca Art Festival. He agreed, and made the trek from Ottawa. There he met his future wife, and soon enough Chris made the move to NYC. I like telling that abbreviated story, it's just cool. Onto the art! Chris has made a few minicomics in his past including multiple volumes of The Cursed Canoe, and Camp Cupcake while working at Magnolia Bakery here in the city. Chris is the man that really stepped up to the plate and pitched in to The Adventures of Bio Boy, and has work in each of the two releases of the book, and some in every issue thereafter. Other than Bio Boy, Chris has been working on his own multi volume epic which is a combination of a Wendigo story and Street Fighter! Together we are working on a short story called Rocket Ronin for an anthology being put together by Derek Ruiz and Grant Alter, and also a larger futuristic anarchy tale. Chris also makes logos in his spare time and has made me logos for Turnbuckle, The Twins Chronicles, and Tiki Road. Oh, and he's a swell friend. :)

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This is his latest work, a page from Rocket Ronin: