Leave it to my girlfriend, a master blogger, to push me out of my blogfunk and get me back in the game. Well she's tagged me, which in this case means I'm supposed to write 6 weird things about myself and then tag 6 others. Well I will spare anyone of the tag, since my own blogger friends might get annoyed, but here's mine:

1. Whenever I think too hard, and the smoke starts airing up off my head, I yank on my soulpatch.

2. I usually have to physically write out every script with a pen and paper before moving to my computer.

3. I'm very paranoid when it comes to food and examine everything I eat to the disgust of most people I dine with.

4. I'm good at organizing anyone's life but my own.

5. I can't stand looking at men in flip flops. Put on some shoes!

6. I can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.