Here's what's been happening since October:

-I started a daily strip book that includes new strips of old favs Broken Donuts, and The Guy, and brand new strips The Fantastic Froth and Ace Hole! These are more or less sharpening exercises to see if the drawing skills still function. Some days I do multiple strips and some days I can't do any, but more or less I have one for each day since early November. I will scan some in the future, and when I'm done I plan to collect them in a single book. Let me tell you they've been a life saver for me.

-I almost got a job at DC, interviewed and everything! I think I was abit too nervous on it though and ultimately that may have led to them going with someone else. It was an experience though!

-The Hill has been delayed. It is completed though on the creative end. Hopefully there will be better news after the New York Comicon in February.

-Vengeance of the Vapor is coming out this May! More soon on this!

-Tiki Road will be a manga sized OGN instead of its original projection of a 4 issue miniseries. More on this soon as well.

-Art for The Grinder and Faragut and Foster is coming along nicely and I'll have some up soon. The artists for them are Max Riffner and Karl Slominski respectively. These are the books I've cocreated with Chuck Satterlee.

-My latest collaboration is with Ben Granoff, a friend and coworker, called Fired From Life. It's a X-mas story and we're very excited about it.

I guess that's the gist of it, I'm sure there's more that I can't think of, but hey that's what blogging is for.