-Markosia and creators Tony Lee and Ryan Stegman have put together a PDF (or CBZ) of the final issue of their creator owned book, Midnight Kiss. This was a very cool series, and it was sad to see it canceled, but this is a great way to read the final part. I will be honest though, when Speakeasy was still around I rejected this idea myself for Bio Boy, but as time has gone on I realize the full potential of a maneuver like this, and I applaud Markosia, Tony, and Ryan for giving the fans what they want. So here's the article with the appropriate links:

-The Nintendo Wii is putting out a sweet looking Godzilla game called Godzilla: Unleashed! It's a giant fighting game on a global scale, featuring all of my favorite characters! Now I just have to get a Wii! :( Here's the links to the article and screen shots!

-Two books you should get today are Wonderlost #1 and The Adventures of Spawn #1. Wonderlost was created and written by CB Cebulski and is an autobiographical anthology of some of his high school adventures! The Spawn book is drawn by Khary Randolph, who is ultra cool and ultra amazing! Both are friends, so go get them!

-Comic Space has started comics hosting which is quite cool as you can put up work in an easily uploadable and scrollable way. This is another great way for people to check out your work. It's nice to see that this website is quickly becoming an indispensable piece of the industry. I will get something up there sooner than later, but I just have to decide on what!

-Like I said in my previous post, I just pitched out two projects, so wish me luck!

That's the news and I am outta here!