-Former DC editor and writer Brian Augustyn and writer Tony Lee are now part of the editorial makeup of Markosia. This is especially cool for me as I can hopefully learn more about my craft from these great professionals! Here's the full story.

-Also in the news my pal RobG and Brian Wood's Couriers series of OGNs has been picked up by Rogue Pictures! It'll be adapted by Javier Grillo-Marxauch who wrote one of my favorite books of last year, The Middle Man. (he's also responsible for a little show called Lost) So congrats to Rob and Brian! Here's that story.

-And finally a big geek out for me. Rob Schrab is finally completing Scud the Disposable Assassin this summer! And he's putting out on giant book of the whole series. So awesome! Hear the man talk about it himself right here.

Thats the news and I am outta here!