-One thing I forgot to mention on the Recap post was another story about Marilyn. She was picked as one of 7 designers to watch in 2007 by the popular purveyors of cuteness Fred Flare. Another reason I am proud of her! Go read the interview with her!

-As you can tell by the Turnbuckle project, I am a big fan of wrestling. Always have been, always will. And tonight I watched my favorite yearly event, The Royal Rumble. It was also my first webcast ever as I watched that and wrote at the same time. Kind of a neat thing to do, kept the tradition going, but not letting it get in the way of progress. The Rumble match, a 30 man progressive battle royal, was quite fun this year and it came down a great performance by Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker in the end to close the show. I won't spoil who one, but it rocked!

-I will once again be at this year's NY Comicon. This year I will split time hanging out at Tiki Road artist Kensuke Okabayashi's table, as we begin the proper promotion of the book with a preview of the book, and also at Markosia's booth, where I will be giving out Vengeance of the Vapor postcards and showing off pages. I will stop by Arcana's table as well at some point, and generally roam around and make merry with all. The guestlist is huge this year, so make plans to come down Feb 23-25!

Thats the news and I am outta here!