One of my all time favorite composers, the phenomenal ENNIO MORRICONE, is coming to the US this Feb to orchestrate his first ever concert here, and I'm very happy to say that I have tickets! I cannot wait to hear some of his classic work in person. To commerate this event, not to mention the fact that Morricone is receiving an Honorary Oscar at this year's event, the Film Forum here in NYC is having a grand three week Morricone film festival! There will be representations of every genre he's worked in, so it should be quite the festival. I'm most excited to finally have the chance to see two Spaghetti Westerns I've been dying to watch, Leone's Duck You Sucker! and Corbucci's Navajo Joe! Also to have the oppurtunity to view one of my all time favorites, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, on the big screen should be quite a treat. So make sure you make plans to come see a movie! Click the banner for a complete schedule of events and do that now!

Added 1/24/07: Would you like to discuss Mr. Morricone more? Come to the Vengeance of the Vapor forum where I've started a topic on him.