I talk alot about being busy and all that, and apologize for gaps in updates, but then I go and take even longer gaps! Well I have indeed been busy writing my butt off, and trying to make deals. As of right now I have 3 definite deals (The Hill, Vengeance of the Vapor and Tiki Road; more about the latter two deals shortly) and one to bring Bio Boy back that is pending final approval.

Writing wise, I've recently teamed with fellow writer, Chuck Satterlee (Of Bitter Souls, Smoke and Mirror) to work on two projects, one called The Grinder and the The Uncredited History of Farragut and Foster: Adventurers for Hire, I'm not kidding. Both are very cool, and you'll be hearing more about them in the very short future. I also wrote a handful of shorts that are currently being drawn. One is for Shocking Gun Tales, which beguns a regular run in 2007, announcement about that soon. The other is for Derek Ruiz and Grant Alter's Samurai Sword anthology which also you'll be hearing about soon.

For now, forgive and forget my month off, or not, but hey I'm gonna keep posting. :)