Got a great email today from my boy, Jok, artist of both The Hill and Vengeance of the Vapor. Here's the highlight:

By the way, one of Vapor´s pages (page 4) will be exhibited in the biggest Argentinian comic exposition ever displayed in the main museum of art in Santiago, Chile. Big top notch names (like Risso, Alcatena, Meglia and others) will be part of that too, so it´s a great honor. And a career highlight that points La Productora (my little publishing house here) as part of this big comic artists legacy, a tiny part of history. Your name as writer will be displayed too, of course. They expect an audience of 70,000 or more, so it´s not bad at all.

This is totally awesome! Congratulations to Jok! And hey, having a piece from my story in a big exposition like that is just way cool for me too!