So while I feel the Dog Days of Summer are over, it's still been quiet ovver here on my blog. There's a twofold answer to that. First, it's back to school at the day job, and for those that don't know I'm an assitant manager at pearl Art Suppilies next to the School of Visual Arts (where I went as well long ago). Secondly the writing juices have really been flowing well and I've been super busy doing that.

Anyhoo, after doing some writing last night I sat here and read a truly fascinating recount of all the old Guardians of the Galaxy issues by Jim Valentino. This is one of the books really made me want to do comics even more. It's very cool because he gives his outline for what he wouldv'e done had he stayed and also writes a new synopsis for what he would do now. It's awesome, check it out: Guardians!