So it was one hellva weekend. I went to Wizard Worls Philly, had fun, pitched some projects and ate some Amish food. Here's a more detailed recap.

-After having a not so great time at Kinkos, I got on the train and made my way over to Philly. I had a good ride, listened to some tunes, put together some pitches, and most importantly wrote the outline to issue 3 of Tiki Road(what's this?!).
-Got to philly around 3:30pm and promptly made my way to the Philly Terminal Market where I had some nice open faced roast beef and mash potatoes all smothered in gravy!
-Ok to the con! So day one, I met all kinds of great peeps like the Beranek Bros, Mark Poulton(Koni Waves), and David Hedgecock of Ape. Plus saw and chatted with a ton of friends. I made my first couple of pitches, which have promise. I picked up UTF #1 which has some damn nice art by Tone Rodriguez.
-Friday evening, me and Kensuke Okabayashi(Java, and upcoming Tiki Road) got some pretty good Italian food, had some green tea ice cream, and went to some galleries. Yeah sounds like a date I know! We went over the layouts to issue 2, which look awesome.
-Afterwards we went over to the Marriot where all the usual after con partying happens. Met the Archaia Press guys, all of whom were very nice. Congrats again to A. David Lewis on his Harvey nods. One of the highlights was talking to Greg Schiegal, who works for NICK, and who's damn funny!

-Got some pancakes and sticky buns for breakfast. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.
-The con was packed. I saw the previews for the Blade TV series, which look awesome. My pals Bryan Brown(Reverb) and Chuck Satterlee(Of Bitter Souls) came by and we all walked around together at one time or another. We then went to lunch, and I thank Chuck for the yummy meatloaf. I got some awesome books including IN MY LIFETIME, SULLENGREY, THE LAST SIN OF MARK GRIMM, GOGO GORILLA AND THE JUNGLE CREW, and HORRORWOOD. I did all my pitches, which had some real good reactions(I think!). So wish me luck now, the pitches have been made. Anyways Jose Torres and Chris DiBari came by around then and we were off.
-Dinner included me sending my burger back twice and getting it free!
-After that we all went over to the Silent Devil party where I had a VIP pass. Free alocohol is always nice! Great party all around.
-Back to the Marriot, and more drinking. I decided to stay and hang out. The always cool Derek Ruiz of DBPro joined us for our adventures, and it was fun times.

-Me, Jose, and Chris went home. Well I went to work, and passed out.

Thanks to everyone that made this trip a hellva lot of fun!