So I saw X-Men: The Last Stand last night. Right after I had some gripes, but after a few Guinnesses I realized what I liked about the movie far outweighes what I didn't. The story, a conglomeration of concepts from Dark Phoenix to Joss Whedon's first Astonishing X-Men story, is good. The launchpad that puts everything in motion is very interesting, and something alot longtime fans will not like. I dug it though so maybe not. There's a great standoff between Professor X and Phoenix that will blow your mind! Storm was the best she's been here. It was nice to see Kitty get some airplay. Some cool cameos like Chamber and Marrow/Spike. Great effects. There's one continuity issue I had with a scene going from day to night in a second. The ending is absolutely X-Mentastic! All in all a fun movie, about on par with the first one, but not better than the second.