So another FCBD is in the books, and I'm sure alot of you had a great time getting your free books, meeting creators, etc. I had to work, but I did manage to get to the local shop with a coworker and we scored about 12 of the books, so it's all good in the hood. Here's what I got and a little of what I thought of them.(I've only read a couple so far)

1. FREE SCOTT PILGRIM (Oni): Bryan O'Malley's SP is one of the coolest books out there, and this little diddy continues to bring the fun. The backup with Fearless Griggs has a cool Hellboy feel to it.

2. ARCANA STUDIO PRESENTS (Arcana): A really nice collection of intros to Arcana's flagship books: Kade, Ezra, and 100 Girls. I'm very interested in seeing where Kade is going. The art is crazy good!

3. THE PREPOSTEROUS VOYAGES OF IRONHIDE TOM (AdHouse): Joel Priddy has such a great yet simple sense of design and storytelling, and it's on showcase here. An early favorite at the job.

4. VIPER COMICS PRESENTS (Viper): Viper has produced some of my favorite books of the last couple of years with Dead@17, Daisy Cutter, and the Middleman, and it looks like they will continue to bring quality books to the table in the coming months and years.

5. BUZZBOY (Sky Dog): John Gallagher is one of the real good guys in the biz, and his latest Buzzboy is a well designed, nicely drawn book. I really like Where is Roboy Red?, as it reminds me of my own Bio Boy stuff.

6. JACK THE LANTERN (Castle Rain): Very nice interior art, but I haven't read it, so I can't comment further. It's nice to see the smaller companies get in on the FCBD fun though.

7. STAR WARS/CONAN (Dark Horse): The SW story has some of the best art I've ever seen in that book! Go Doug Wheatley!

8. TRANSFORMERS (IDW): While I'm not the hugest of Transformers fans, I love IDW. I can't wait for the Stormbringer book as Jetfire always seemed super cool to me.

9. FUTURE SHOCK (Image): I'm really looking forward to Jerome Opena's debut on Fear Agent as I loved the dude's Lone series from Dark Horse. Godland continues to impressive, as does Invincible! Haven't had the chance to read the rest, but as always the art is great all around.

10. OWLY (Top Shelf): This gets the award of the cutest book available for FCBD. That Andy Runton makes me smile. :)

11. WORLDS OF ASPEN (Aspen): Great art goes without saying, but Id like to mention this book Shrugged they got coming as something to really look for. Great art by Micah Gunnell, and a really fun story to boot.

12. X-MEN/RUNAWAYS (Marvel): Scottie Young is worth the price of admission for me, but the Frankline Richards stuff is just a joy to read.

Well that's it for the FCBD comics for me, time for work, and then a wedding! Have a great day!