Markosia has announced that the first issue of Starship Troopers : Dead Man’s Hand #1 is to ship with one of three ‘FREE’ brand-new, soon-to-be released up and coming titles.

In a bold move, that only some of the bigger companies would dare to do, Markosia will be poly-bagging the first issue of Starship Troopers : Dead Man’s Hand with one of three full issues of the following titles - which will be randomly inserted with equal quantities of each book printed.

The Lexian Chronicles : Full Circle.
Celebrating a brand new creative team of Ryan Stegman (Midnight Kiss) and Chuck Satterlee (Of Bitter Souls, Smoke and Mirror) on board, comic fans can check out exactly why this book has become a best seller for Markosia.

Of Bitter Souls.
The first issue of the Markosia series kicks off in July and already the title has built a solid fan base. Originally published by Speakeasy, this brand new ongoing series features the art of comic legend, Norm Breyfogle- written and created by Satterlee.

George T Singley and Ethan Beavers team up for an all new ongoing series of the super hero series, Mutation. Featuring a variant cover by Rocketo’s Frank Espenosa.

Markosia’s EIC, Richard Emms, comments on the move to boost Markosia’s readership and the incentive to fans who have been supportive of the fledgling company.

“Starship Troopers has been a major success for Markosia and this gives us a great opportunity to get readers of that series to try out our new books… it also gives non-Markosia readers a chance to pick up a great all-new Troopers series and to get something free in the process. Everyone loves a free comic book!!”.

“We’re working very hard on the new series, making sure that we have a book that fans of Troopers would be very pleased to add into their collection… and bringing on board Neil Edwards (Mr.T and 2000ad) has given the book a very mainstream look. We all know, that within the year, Neil will be snapped up by Marvel and drawing an X-title --- and we’re so pleased that he has taken on this four issue mini series”.

“We are certainly going to continue this promotion with any new licenses that we sign over the next year. It’s the best way for anyone to try out a brand new book - without paying any money for it”.

Companies interested in advertising within the first issue of this brand new series should contact Emms or Markosia’s Director of US Operations, Chuck Satterlee, via the Markosia website.

The company is offering the first four companies, who advertise, pages at below ½ of its card rate.

Starship Troopers : Dead Man’s Hand ships in July and is priced at Written by Tony Lee, Art Neil Edwards and Kieran Oats. Regular ed : $3.95. 36PP FC - POLY BAGGED. Signed/Sketch cover ed : Please inquire with your local retailer.