Hello, and welcome to my new pad!

This is the first time I'm venturing out on my own really to focus on what I do, and that is writing comics. The last time I tried to do this it was part of a group that is no longer in existence.

Ladies and Gentlemen a little moment for Cactus Fusion. Gracias. (what's a Cactus Fusion?)

NOW, what will you see here? On the Sal Cipriano: Writer blog? Well, complete updates on yours truly including previews of my latest books, script samples, production updates, news, reviews, interviews, links to "stuff and things", general ramblings, and the all important Sal history lessons. (there will be pop quizzes!)

Of course this is all a work in progress so I'm just gonna try to have fun with it and see what happens.

Well there you have it, first post in the books. Excited? Good.